Panera Bread App Reviews

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Awesome App

Love how easy the app is to use and how it gives you real time information on whats available at your Panera. You can pay and then just pick it up in the drive thru...who wouldnt love that!!!

Does not work

So many times Ive tried to order and some kind of error messes it up. Im done with Pantera delivery.

Quick and easy

Works like a charm

Great app

I dont think it could be better. Complete customization of all items, easy to use Apple pay support. I order, and by the time I drive there, the order is already done.

App makes customizing your order easy

Much easier and clearer to customize my order than last time. Nicely done!

WC Foodie

I really like the app for ordering but you still cant add Panera gift cards for payment. Thats my only complaint. Also, they should include knives when serving a salad.

Easy to Use

Somehow theyve managed to a take a fairly complex menu and make ordering from it with an app a very simple process. I like how it integrates with Apple Pay so I dont need to punch in my payment info every time.

Bloated data

I love the app and use frequently, but went to load on extra podcasts and noticed that the Panera app used more storage than anything else (+500MB). Thats absurd and you should fix this.

Changed MY Lunch

As a teacher I dont have time to stand in line, especially at the store nearest my school which is always insane at lunch. With this app, Im in and out in five mins or less. Perfection.

So much yes

This is by far the best food app Ive ever used. Rapid pick up is such an amazing thing. When Im in a hurry I just send in my order and being able to just run in and pick it up is wonderful. It keeps me away from fast food too which is a huge plus. Thanks Panera!!

Very Easy to navigate

So easy. Order so quickly and then just run in and grab your order off of the shelf!!! I will use this app every time!


Always right and always fast. I love this app and the food. Easy to use.

The App was great.

Ordering was fairly quick and easy. My only issue was that I had to cancel part of my order in order to edit it.

Life saver

For a mom on the go, this is the best app out there. So easy to use and customize what each kid wants. Save orders to my favorites. Swing by the store and do a quick pick up and be on our way to the next event. Love it!! Plus the food is so healthy and delicious. Better than a drive through.

Account order history personalization

I love saving my orders!

Love this app!!

I love this app!! The ability to be able to customize my orders & use my offers is great. Its fast & always works. Ive never had any issues with this app.

love this app

love Panera, love this app!


Love love love Panera! Wish they would open one closer to me between Gulf Breeze & Navarre, Fl like in Midway???


Love the Panera AP. Makes life much easier.


The interface is simple, straightforward, and sleek. A delight to use!

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