Panera Bread App Reviews

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Simple, Easy Interface, Quick Ordering

No complaints here. I like how the app also shows you what topping additions you can make, as well as whether or not those additions will cost you extra. Helps buyer to make informed decisions about adding awesomeness to his/her meal.

Best way to order

I like how easy it is to see total calories for the meal. It is easy to customize the order. Re-ordering past meal combinations is also easy.

Great Experience

Ive used the app 3 times in the past 2 weeks. It has streamlined my impulsive ordering for my constant pregnancy craving of the strawberry poppyseed salad and cream of chicken with wild rice soup.

Fast and Easy

Great app, Panera.


When I click on my Panera Rewards, it will show me how many reward offers I have right now but now how many visits until my next reward! This is important to me!!!!

Best restaurant app

Seriously the best restaurant app available, easy to order, easy to customize, easy to pay (with Apple Pay!), and easier than any other restaurant to pick up. I dont even have to talk to anyone or wait in line! 5 stars!

Wallet with NFC?

Great. You can tell Panera is embracing technology and we all love it. From Apple Pay to its app! Good good. Little by little. Wish list: Instead of shouting out my telephone # at register, incorporate with ApplePay or have card for Wallet app (formerly: Passbook)!! Walgreens does it great with NFC, just tap Walgreens loyalty card and its in their system. Thanks! Bug issue: when you go to rewards tab, I almost always get an error message when trying to put in code. Nevertheless, it works on the full website. Please fix. Keychain integration please. A lot of buttons just take you to website, make more native. Thanks.

Great App

Allows Apple Pay makes purchasing so quick and easy.


Love how easy it is. I like being able to pay with Apple Pay makes life great.


The rapid pick up is great! I use it all the time and find myself choosing panera because its fast (healthy) food! The app is amazing and easy to order and customize! Im also a reward member so find myself getting a lot of deals and $ off. Huge fan!

On time

Always waiting for me when I go to pick it up on my lunch break


Easy to use app that connects well with the local store and makes my life more convenient. Thank you!!

Quick and Simple

The app is great. Easy to use. Customizable options and easy pay and pick up

App ease

Panera has the most simplistic app ever. Love it which is complimentary to the food and service.

Best Food Ordering App Ever!!!!

This app has saved my life a million times when Im in a hurry!!! The food is well organized and easy to select from, the payment methods are very intuitive and easy to use! Definitely saved my life when I left my wallet at home because I was able to use Apple Pay and make it through my workday without starving until I got home to my money

Love the App

What I love most about this app is that Panera is constantly improving it! They take the feedback and make changes. So much better than the first one. App aside the food is great and I love just walking in and picking it up.

Rapid order iPhone

So much more improved w/almost 0% error on orders. Food always hot on soups and macs and salads fresh and tasteful.

Great App!

Easy to use. Thorough. Efficient. Accurate. Even my 81 yo mother can use it and loves it!

Works great even for beginners

Its works as advertised. Enough said.

Great App

I always loved the food but the Cashiers never seemed to get the special orders right. I use the App every time even when at the restaurant.

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